SumatoSoft Named a Top Web Developer by TopAgency

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, therefore, is not an act, but a habit.”- Aristotle

We believe that the ancient Greek philosopher had unveiled the key to success ages ago, and it’s only us who took time to grasp its significance but grasp we did. We are now repeatedly trying to shape our services to best suit the requirements and expectations of our clients, and our endeavors are now reaping benefits for us, that too repeatedly. It was only a few months ago when the reputed review firm Clutch had ranked us among the top web and software developers in Belarus. Now,, an independent research-and-review platform, has made the same verdict.

TopAgency has recently conducted a research on the web design and development companies in Belarus. The research was based on the updated industrial data, as was distinctly reported by the platform. The research has included an analysis of the Belarusian web development companies on the basis of their reliability, ability, and customer-orientation factors. The results of the research were published by the platform in its annual report, and it features the top nine development companies of the country, which includes SumatoSoft.

Top Agency SumatoSoft

This achievement is noticeably more valuable for us and other eight chosen companies because of the raised standard of the analysis. The report, which reveals the research result, starts with a proclamation about the new industrial data. There was also a statement about the high level of technical expertise found in the IT services of Belarusian companies. It was reported that, the high level of technical knowledge of the developers has induced the analysts to raise the standard scores of the analysis. Thereby, only the companies that have proven their excellence on technical as well as other KPI grounds, on an exceptional level, were chosen for the top rankings.

SumatoSoft as viewed by the TopAgency editors

After the selection of top-ranking companies, the TopAgency editors have reviewed the whole data of the selected companies as was collected by the analysts. On the basis of this data, the editors have written brief reviews on the companies, featuring the prime factors for their selection.

For SumatoSoft, the editors have written that it is a full-cycle web, mobile, and chatbot development company, known for its team’s capability of solving complex project requirements. In fact, impressed by the efficiency, with which our teams have solved even the most complex of the project requirements, they have appreciated the fact twice in their review, while also mentioning some of the web products where this specialty of our team is more palpable.

The editors have also openly expressed their appreciation for our work ethics and agile work model that ensures timely delivery of the project while also ensuring the collaborative spirit during the complete execution of the projects. In the end of the report, the editors have taken the support of the client’s feedback to express more fully what the first-hand experience of working with SumatoSoft is like. Here they have mentioned how our clients have made acknowledgments about our project management skills and the team’s commitment towards excellence. So then again, our repeated endeavors towards excellence are truly making an impression that is being noticed by the clients and independent platforms alike. And fortunate for us that TopAgency has made this acknowledgment so openly, making it easy for us to comprehend what our clients are liking about us and how we can improve our services further.


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