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SumatoSoft Named a Top Web Developer by TopAgency

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, therefore, is not an act, but a habit.”- Aristotle

We believe that the ancient Greek philosopher had unveiled the key to success ages ago, and it’s only us who took time to grasp its significance but grasp we did. We are now repeatedly trying to shape our services to best suit the requirements and expectations of our clients, and our endeavors are now reaping benefits for us, that too repeatedly. It was only a few months ago when the reputed review firm Clutch had ranked us among the top web and software developers in Belarus. Now,, an independent research-and-review platform, has made the same verdict. […]

6 Free Tools to Strengthen Your eCommerce Store Presence

Being an owner of your own ecommerce platform means that you have to deal with a quite long “to-do” list on the daily basis. This way, when it comes to managing your online store, any help from the outside is very much appreciated. As there is a huge number of tools available on the market, the main question is to define the right ones for your business. Below you’ll find a list of some of the best free tools to give a boost to your productivity and save both your time and efforts. […]

The IT Industry in Belarus 2017 and Beyond

The IT Industry in Belarus 2017 and Beyond – Official Ernst & Young Report Released

Today Ernst & Young, the global consulting company, released a detailed report on the development of the IT industry in Belarus, which provides the actual data on its state and some forecasts for the coming years. SumatoSoft took part in this research as a member of High Tech Park and shared the industry insights and its vision. We’d like to share some interesting stats and findings from the report. […]


Ruby on Rails for Startups: Birds of a Feather

Being in a startup means a lot these days. It’s trendy, modern, and very popular. Startups are everywhere: in media, on TV and the Internet. The majority of startups are working in various spheres of IT environment, so no wonder they tend to use present-day technology and a lot of them are using Ruby on Rails framework. Sure enough, we won’t say it’s the most popular framework, but it’s in the top 3 definitely. […]


4 Steps to Successfully Outsource Your Mobile App Development

I’m sure you’ve heard it before – smartphones and tablets are on the rise. As of 2016, there were 4.61 billion mobile users globally and this number is forecast to attain 5.07 billion by 2019. As people are becoming more attached to their mobile devices, both enterprises and startups are eager to develop mobile applications to engage with their customers directly. As a result, the number of apps downloads is only growing. […]