Apple is Building Autonomous Systems for “More Than Cars”

Apple CEO Tim Cook confirmed that Apple is working on the creation of autonomous systems, whose tasks go far beyond self-driving on the roads. “We pay great attention to autonomous systems. There is a huge project in works, and we invest serious money in it. From our point of view, autonomy is a kind of mother of all projects with artificial intelligence,” Tim Cook said.

However, the head of the company refused to disclose details while communicating with Apple investors. “[Autonomous] systems can be used in a variety of ways,” Cook said during a call with investors this afternoon. “A vehicle is only one, but there are many different areas of it. And I don’t want to go any further with that”.

Obviously, the IT giant from Cupertino does not limit itself to the development of autonomous driving systems. However, the details of Apple’s program are still hidden by a veil of mystery: the company can work on delivery systems, robots, warehouse assistants, automatic repair of their own equipment.

Meanwhile, Apple’s capitalization has exceeded $800 billion, and the growth rate of the company suggests that the historical value of $1 trillion can be achieved already in 2018. Since early 2017, the shares of the manufacturer of “apple” technology have grown by 30 percent, and a new successful project, similar to the systems of autonomy mentioned by Tim Cook, can give impetus to the development of Apple.

As we covered in one of our articles, AI is an emerging trend both for big corporations and startups. We hope that the further progress will bring only good things for humanity, and we’ll see no “robots going down the street killing people” as Elon Musk predicts.


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