Starting eCommerce Business: Common Mistakes and How to Beat Them

As widely known (and repeated a billion times), numerous challenges are being faced by growing eCommerce businesses on a daily basis. The lack of experience and limited resources put e-merchants in a situation where they have to find proper solutions in order not to fall into a pitfall of despair. Below you’ll find the most common mistakes inexperienced merchants make and ways to effectively avoid them. […]


Spree Commerce vs. Shopify: Pros and Cons Comparison

The main difference between those two lies in the core definition of their nature. Spree is an e-commerce platform, whereas Shopify is an eCommerce solution. In other words, your Shopify store is created, hosted and managed by the solution itself. Instead, with Spree Commerce, you’re the sole owner and manager of your eCommerce store. Do you feel the difference? Read on to find out more. […]