Start-up Business Team Working in Office

Top 3 Things to Keep in Mind When Thinking About Building Tech Startup

Freedom is one of the most valuable notions in human life. Doing your own thing – I mean building your company – represents freedom in full measure. For many aspiring entrepreneurs, this is the most important value their own venture may bring. This freedom contains several key aspects inside: financial freedom, freedom to make your own decisions, and freedom to express yourself with your unique ideas and vision. […]


4 Ways to Strengthen Your eCommerce Strategy in 2017

If you’ve been actively monitoring the recent trends, you know that your gut feeling most probably won’t lie if you feel that something in the air. And it’s true. Like we already stated in our previous article, eCommerce trends are processes that we can plan according to something we already know. So usually they are predictable, which is obviously good news. […]