Era of Smartphones: How Mobile Technologies Are Changing Businesses

Throughout history, the way companies do business changes rapidly and constantly. It’s all in the core definition of business – you can’t be just quick, you have to be quicker. In a nutshell, the reality of business world doesn’t leave any space for organizations that don’t adapt to the recent trends. One of these trends is a rapid, if not alarming, pace of technology innovation, along with a growing preference among employees for access to the latest mobile technologies.

startups mistakes

Mistakes Made by Startupers (and How to Avoid Them)

The world is mad about startups. The proof? In 2016, the amount of venture dollars plugged into startups around the world grew 19% over 2015, with $176 billion invested altogether, says Crunchbase. No wonder that many aspiring entrepreneurs are eager to conquer the world with their ideas, sometimes even weird ones. After all, ideas are born to be implemented, aren’t they? […]