6 Free Tools to Strengthen Your eCommerce Store Presence

Being an e-merchant means that you have to deal with a quite long “to-do” list on the daily basis. This way, when it comes to managing your online store, any help from the outside is very much appreciated. As there is a huge number of tools available on the market, the main question is to define the right ones for your business. Below you’ll find a list of some of the best free tools to give a boost to your productivity and save both your time and efforts. […]


Spree Commerce vs. Shopify: a Pros and Cons Comparison

The main difference between those two lies in the core definition of their nature. Spree is an e-commerce platform, whereas Shopify is an eCommerce solution. In other words, your Shopify store is created, hosted and managed by the solution itself. Instead, with Spree Commerce, you’re the sole owner and manager of your eCommerce store. Do you feel the difference? Read on to find out more. […]

Top Ruby on Rails Developers

SumatoSoft Solidifies Reputation As Top Developer

Since 2012, SumatoSoft has finished a number of successful engagements. But 2017 is shaping up to be the biggest year yet. On April 2, our own developer Maxim Gordienok was an expert Rails presenter at Ruby Conf BY. Maxim drew from years of experience to talk about eliminating errors in data analysis; maybe we are biased, but we thought it was the highlight of the whole conference. We learned a lot, shared a lot, and even sponsored the after party! (Who says staying on the cutting edge of development can’t be fun? It’s mandatory) […]

4 Tips For a Successful Marketing Automation Implementation Strategy

As we have already stated in our previous article, Marketing Automation offers a set of powerful opportunities to online marketers so they can manage their marketing programs in a more efficient way. But it won’t be that successful unless you come up with an elaborate implementation strategy. Thus, to fully realize the potential of the software, one should have a clear how-to vision and adopt detailed tactics right from the start. […]

Pros and Cons: Top 4 Marketing Automation Software for SMBs

The universe of Marketing Automation is gigantic. It’s filled with a big variety of tools for different purposes and each of them comes with its own unique style and flavor. Being a lot more than just a handy time-saver, Marketing Automation opportunities can make a huge difference for any type of ventures if used wisely. […]