Software Development Engagement Models Overview

Being a project manager (from one side) or a client (from the other side) means becoming familiar with the technical language and staying involved throughout negotiations. Several types of engagement models may go back and forth between two companies. No matter what side you’re representing, it’s in your best interest to understand what these types of engagements are about and what you are signing up for.  […]


How to Meet Customer’s Need or the Power of Asking Questions

No matter how obvious it may sound but the goal of any business is to meet customer’s needs. Whether it is a local grocery at the corner of a street or a large international company with comprehensive web-solutions: all ventures pursue the goal of satisfying user’s needs.

Even though this common truth is widely known, not all companies become successful. The stumbling stone is the ability to find out and recognize true challenges and desires of the target audience. […]

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Clutch Announces Top IoT and Ruby on Rails Development Companies 2017

Recently Clutch has released a new research and named leading web and software developers as ‘Global Leaders’. The research is based on verified client feedback that proves the companies’ ability to deliver. SumatoSoft is named to be one of the best Ruby on Rails and IoT Software Developers!



SumatoSoft is Developing The New Web Says GoodFirms!

A company’s class, style, insights, values, commodities, and authentic contact information are what any consumer looks for. And well, the easiest and elegant way for a company to interpret the aforementioned pieces of information is through its own website! Innovative web development grants an organization the power to rule the hearts and minds of the clients. And when this power is used thoughtfully, a virtual website can leave a memorable impact on the consumers. […]


Piavita: How Swiss Startup Works with Belarus Partner

Belarus IT has been developing in the sphere of outsourcing for the past 15 years. IT service companies have experience in working on projects of different complexities, using various technologies, solving different business challenges, as well as improving and expanding business and technological expertise. Today, we see how companies become active participants in product evolution and focus not only on coding and functionality development but more on the final product delivery and what value their work will bring to the project’s (product) success. […]