Ruby on Rails

Top 7 Websites Built on Ruby on Rails

Released as open source in July 2004, Ruby on Rails (or, as commonly abbreviated, RoR) has become one of the most effective frameworks for building great apps. Being both flexible and powerful, it’s getting even more popular among developers, no matter if they are just rookies or experienced professionals. Besides its great features and elegant code, RoR is famous for its large community ready to share their experience or help with various questions. Its latest version – Rails – has been released just recently in August 2016. Keeping all these insights in mind, it’s no wonder that many reputable companies or service providers have decided to build their websites on Ruby. Professional tools, traveling, music, eCommerce –you name it. Here’s the list of top 7 world-known websites you should know (and use too).


Photo by Karolina Grabowska

5 Ways Chatbots Can Improve Your Marketing Strategy

A chatbot (also commonly referred to as a talkbot, chatterbot, bot, chatterbox, Artificial Conversational Entity) is a computer program which simulates a conversation with people using artificial intelligence. So what is their working principle? In most cases, chatbots look for keywords in the initial question by human and come up with a reply using most matching keywords from their database.



Top 5 Tech Trends in Education

It’s quite fair to say that nowadays we live in the world of future. The modern technology is rising at a breathtaking pace, and, luckily for us, we are all involved in the exiting process of exploring things yet to come. Yes, literally, because technology has made progress in ways far beyond the imagination of a 20th century’s person. Just imagine: now we can try out devices which could be seen only in sci-fi movies or comic books. For instance, Virtual Reality (VR) isn’t it future itself? Who could have predicted it except for writers like Arthur C. Clarke or Isaac Asimov? So, yes, the future is not a distant land, it is happening here and N-O-W. And more importantly, this is the future we are all witnessing. […]


Outsourcing vs. In-house Development: Finding Best Way to Build Software

Gone are those times when companies were relying on their internal resources only in various technical tasks implementation. As the world faced globalization, and collaboration & sharing values started to grow, more and more companies moved to outsourcing. What made companies resort to extra help from the outside? Some companies were lacking human resources possessing special knowledge and skills to work on a project, other crews were in need for additional resources with specific knowledge, and the rest were trying to make the development process cheaper and faster. […]