Top 5 Tech Trends in Supply Chain and Logistics Shaping the Future

Technology brings dramatic changes in every aspect of our day-to-day life, revolutionizing our traditional approach to getting things done. These radical changes couldn’t bypass the logistics industry. It may seem like the development of the Internet and digital technologies that reduced to minimum the need in “ordinary mail” and digital downloads that took place of physical products will suggest a crisis in the logistics industry. But the reality appeared to be absolutely different: never before such a huge number of goods have been shipped. Daily around 85 million packages and documents are delivered worldwide. Warmed by the  e-commerce boom, logistics had no other choice but to discover new ways for development. […]

Tips and Tricks on Making Good Requirements

Have you ever dreamt about being on the top of the IT wave and trend-setting new apps and next generation systems? Have you imagined yourself a founding father of another Google or Instagram? Let’s imagine that you have an idea. You have budget and scheduling. But it is not enough. So, what’s next?

If you don’t belong to the IT world and have very circumstantial relation to this sphere, you will definitely require some help on the idea you have. Most likely that you will have to resort to the services that many IT companies provide nowadays – project estimation (to know the total cost of the planning project) and project development. […]

MVP development

Minimum Viable Product: On the Way to Startup Success

Today dozens of entrepreneurs what to launch their projects and turn them into businesses. Facing all facts, it should be admitted that building an app or a website from scratch can turn quite a challenging and risky task. As practice shows, there’s no use in developing an application to make benefit from if you don’t know for sure whether potential consumers are going to pay for it. […]

SumatoSoft is recognized as a Top Web Development company in 2019

SumatoSoft is a software development company that has proved its worth by providing clients with high-end solutions, full transparency and support. Solid background in multiple business domains along with strong technology expertise has enabled the firm to hit the lists of the leading web, mobile and IoT companies according to Clutch, GoodFirms, IT Firms and other[…]

mobile app development

TOP 10 Mobile App Development Firms in 2019

Everything is going mobile today, so modern and user-friendly mobile applications are becoming a must-have for businesses that would like to stay competitive. If you have already realized the importance of custom mobile app development for your business, welcome to the club: you are on the right track. A mobile application tailored to your business[…]

delivery app

How to Build an Upscale Food Delivery App

People from various generations today, especially young folks, are shifting their food priorities from eating out or cooking at home to food delivery services. Such an approach has a number of bonuses: when you do not have necessary products or time for cooking or going out, you can get any dish from your favorite restaurants[…]


What’s Hiding under the Water: Testing as the Backbone of Qualitative Software

Quality assurance: is it really that important? Quality assurance (QA) in software engineering implies continuous activities designed to ensure that all processes, features and products comply with established requirements and standards. In simplest terms, quality assurance means making sure that everything works the way it should be and your clients will get the software product[…]