Outsourcing vs. In-house Development: Finding Best Way to Build Software

Gone are those times when companies were relying on their internal resources only in various technical tasks implementation. As the world faced globalization, and collaboration & sharing values started to grow, more and more companies moved to outsourcing. What made companies resort to extra help from the outside? Some companies were lacking human resources possessing special knowledge and skills to work on a project, other crews were in need for additional resources with specific knowledge, and the rest were trying to make the development process cheaper and faster. […]


Chatbots: Short History of Automated Conversational Systems

It took many centuries for verbal communication to appear in its modern form. The written word and its value evolved much due to the advancement of book printing, the age of Enlightenment and – as follows – the appearance of computers while the intellectual revolution of the 20th century was taking place. The development and quick expansion of the Internet and intellectual technologies all over the globe propelled written communication to the new, upper level of importance. People who were looking at computers with distrust and askance in the beginning, soon found themselves scribbling hundreds of emails daily. The never-before-seen means of communication started to appear, including forums, chats, and social networks. People found texting more convenient than calling, so started to use the up-to-date assets actively sending and receiving billiards of instant text messages.


Minimum Loveable Product: Building Products Users Will Love

Recently we’ve been talking about the advantages the development of a minimum viable product can bring to companies. But is it enough for a product to be viable? Can technology be adorable and endearing? Can it – and should it – be loveable? You may feel confused with all these obscure abbreviations that are used in describing some popular trends the technology world faces today. There are an MCR – a minimum credible release, an MBP – a maximally buyable product, and – finally – an MLP which is a minimum lovable product. While an MVP is treated by companies and their development teams as a marketing strategy holy grail, what can an MLP boast of? […]