Is the new president, Mr. Trump, good for outsourcing or not?

Some weeks before the historic election of the new  President of the USA, one of the candidates, Trump, mentioned two really frightening things for American tech companies: 1. Visas rules for the tech specialists will be complicated. 2. Companies who outsource to the non-American companies will pay more taxes than others. We met for the election with[…]

Mobile App Trends

5 Mobile App Trends for 2017 (and beyond)

Nowadays we observe a real rise of smartphones and tablets. There are 4.61 billion mobile users around the world as of 2016 and the number is likely to reach to 5.07 billion by 2019. As a consequence, the number of new mobile apps is growing exponentially. It turns like mobile is already starting to dominate desktop (do you agree with this statement?). […]

mobile statistics

Mobile App Development Brief: Questions to Consider

Mobile apps have significantly contributed to the rise of smartphones and tablets we can observe now. The statistics speaks for itself. Observing the headline numbers, it’s evident that many companies and individuals are showing great interest in developing their own mobile apps. […]